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RE: to ’10 things I wish weren’t replaced by modern technology’

Having read a recent “Freshly Pressed” blog nostalgically pointing out the good old days pre technological advancement by Michelle Guo read here.

I had to respond but thought a reply to the blog wasnt going to get my full thoughts out there on the subject. It’s always interesting when people look with rose-tinted glass at yesterday without seeing the full picture.


#Point 1, Print Photographs.

As an amateur photographer  myself I can understand her view of the old print photo and the enjoyment of developing it yourself. However the development of online media and digital technology is nothing short of sublime. Long gone are the day’s even weeks waiting for your 35mm film to be developed at the local store at a huge cost only to find out 8 to 10 shots of your 24 film exposure are blurred or just no good. Digital tech has reduced this cost to ZERO and has the added effect of being able to view what you have shot first. Delete if it’s no good or save and if you want to be nostalgic then you can still print them out and have your printed media after the fact. I completely fail to see why anyone would want to still live in the age of early film photography over todays superior alternative. However you can still use 35mm film and have your own darkroom etc if you wish. Nobody is forcing you to tag your images on FB.

#Point 2, Handwritten letters.

Oh dear lord, kill me now. The irony of writing an online blog while bitching about the novelty of handwritten letters whiles no doubt Michelle will then go away after that and then email all her friends about said topic is funny to say the least.

Yes it used to be fun writing to pen pals and waiting 2 or 3 weeks sometimes for a reply and barely legible handwriting was fun…..?… NOT! Then there is the buying of appropriate paper and the stamps and envelopes to house them in and not to mention the actual posting of them.

Instant messaging and emails has zero cost and potentially almost instant replies… I’m with the future on this one.! But you know what! If you like you can still do this now. It’s not like it has disappeared altogether.

#Point 3, Making mix tapes.  

Arguably the worst media of all time. Tapedecks that would regularly chew up your tapes and the fact that you could barely have more than about 12 songs on a c90 tape. Yeah the fuzzy feeling you’d get when someone would make you a tape of music was a good schoolyard feeling, however the current ability to burn your GF a CD is much better IMHO and has the same fuzzy outcome without the tapedeck chewing it up on first playback and having to get a pencil to try to manually wind the tape back into the cassette is a bonus. you can burn many more songs onto a CD as well so its a double bonus. Then there is the transfer of .mp3’s etc.. It’s so easy to like a song and email a link to friends and family to listen too without the need to copy anything to tape. Nostalgia loses again.

#Point 4, Check a map before or during a road trip or vacation.

I can kinda get this one to the point where I still do it myself as I keep a road atlas in the back of my car. However I do have google maps on my iPhone and a Garmin sat nav which both have been a godsend. It so easy to switch on your sat nav, pump in the post code and address etc and it takes you there hands free and legal. I’d like to find out the amount of accidents that have previously been caused because of drivers holding huge maps as they are driving. Maps are good but sat nav is better.

Point 4 to tech again.

#Point 5, Develop and send off film for photographs.

Again back to point 1, complete waste of time and money. Also YOU CAN STILL DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO !

#Point 6, Remember phone numbers.

I havent a clue where she is coming from with having to remember phone numbers. The most tedious aspect of land line phones in the past was the diary both mental and physical that you had to keep to keep track of all your friends and families numbers. Granted you’d remember a few off by heart but mobile phones and their contacts lists are a revolution. Who wants to remember numbers anyway.?

#Point 7, Make a photo album.

Erm What!.. I forgot she’s a girl so making scrap-book albums of images is fun to a girl I suppose. Digital photo albums are much better and many of them are linked to photo printing services which can print your memories out and send you them in an album if you like. Alternatively you can STILL do this if you really want to. Modern online photo storage and media has not taken away from the scrap-book ability.

#Point 8, Send love letters.

Again this points to the partner / relationship lover or whoever and how they view romance. You can still do this if you have an ounce of romantic ability in you. However the ease and convenience of txt is also a romantic tool. I regularly txt my partner that I love her and it can be just as good as writing a letter.

#Point 9, Hand-write essays and school work.

This is one area I completely agree with Michelle however . Shock horror I know lol . Handwriting and writing in general is something that must be kept and pushed in schools and it is becoming a lost art. There is a massive link between reading and writing that corresponds with a childs mental development and their subsequent intelligence. So I couldn’t agree more with Michelle here. Tech is good in school but for the right use and purpose.

#Point 10, Keep a personal diary.

Like many other responses, You can still do this!

Just because the age of blogging and online diary keeping are possible and more accessible via phones and PC’s etc it doesn’t mean you can still buy a diary and hand write you thoughts and memories. Tech hasnt destroyed personal diaries it has simply given another option to use.

So overall from the 10 areas she picked up on 9 of them are actually better off with Tech, with only 1 being to do with writing in schools being a good point.

What do you think.?

Am I right or is Michelle right.?


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