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Cyclists piss me off


Ok ok I know you’ll probably not appreciate me saying that but bikes on the road during rush hour traffic are just a nightmare . Don’t get me wrong but I actually like bikes.

I don’t mind anyone and their hobby etc and keeping fit or how they choose to travel but some cyclists wonder how they get knocked off their bikes when it’s pretty obvious they take the piss on the roads . This morning when coming in to work a cyclist literally was in the middle of the road being a twat and stopping anyone from overtaking safely . Bare in mind there is a fully usable path which bikes can use just to the left of him but no that would be too easy . It’s better to stay in the middle of the road piss everyone off behind him and risk his own life in the process.

Like I’ve said I actually appreciate and like bikes myself but it’s the tossers who ride them that get my goat !

Rant over


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