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The Human Centipede (First Sequence)- 2009 movie. Oh Dear, Don’t Bother

Oh Dear oh Dear.!

I had the rather amusing and disappointing end to my weekend as I decided to watch this, erm how to call it.. erm MOVIE… I use that term very loosely.

I like a good horror movie and I like bad ones too, but this just takes the biscuit. Acting is just terrible with typical ‘Oh god oh god ! females getting into stupid situations that would never happen. Pretty much EVERY decision they then make during their ordeal at the hands of a crazed German Dr . The best part by far is right at the start when the dizzy pair of women get a puncture trying to find a nightclub in the middle of rural Germany. A strange Fat bloke turns up and proceeds to insult and rudely suggests some amusing lines that they can’t understand but the subtitles tell it all and lead to  the only funny part in the movie. Some of the lines are something like this – ” Ah you american girls are always wet between the legs” and ” I would fuck both of you so hard if you’d let me” and things like that I’m sure you can imagine the words he uses.

But that’s it. The film is then so far-fetched its like shit from China. I’d suggest watching it to see actually just how bad the film is but I’d hate to subject you to it….. Actually NO .. go and watch it.. the reason why is simple after watching this crap you will then appreciate far better movies. It’s like eating at a crappy fast food diner. You have to do it so you then appreciate and understand what good food and restaurants are. Same goes for movies. Watch this piece of crap and you’ll then have a greater appreciation of the better ones.

Film rating 1 out of 10. – I’d give it a 0 but the fat bloke at the start who wants to fuck them makes it a 1


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