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John Terry, Fabio Capello resignation, England Football double standards and Racism

Quite a title I know, but this debate going on is just silly to the n’th degree.

First off it’s quite clear what John Terry said during the match. I think everyone heard it and those who didn’t can clearly lip read what he said. However is he a racist? clearly NOT. People have to realise this type of ‘on the pitch’ banter happens all the time during football. Nobody means anything by it, and I know people will say , oh how can you say such a thing and racism is racism… yeah to some degree your right but there are levels of what is blatant abuse and then what is swearing during a heated adrenalin fuelled football match.

Also what people don’t realise is foreign players do it all the time using their own language which we don’t understand. Foreign players abuse white English lads just as often as they do back to them. I know this is no excuse but people have to understand that it is throughout football and it means nothing.

However what he said was still wrong and the best thing he could have done was to just own up straight away and just say ‘ Yep I yold him to fuck off’ take the 2-3 game ban and move on. Instead he denied what he said which is even worse as it’s plain to see. It’s like catching a 5 year old child covered in cake in the kitchen and then they denied they ate it. Then there is the fact that it has thus drawn out the situation into something far more than what it started at because it raises all these questions.

I believe the FA are wrong with what they then did and I’ll give my reasons . The FA believe the captain should be a role model and ambassador first and a player second. This is bollocks.

The captain of any football team is a captain ON THE PITCH first and an off the pitch role model and ambassador second. Terry was captain because of his on the pitch ability. no more no less. It has got nothing to do with the FA who the captain is or isn’t. It’s up to the manager of the team who picks the best captain for the team which is about to take to the field. A leader on the field to organise and control and speak up for the players. It’s as simple as that.

The FA by stepping in and having double standards by saying he can’t be captain but he can still play is double standards. He’s either guilty in which case he not only shouldn’t be captain but shouldn’t play for England again. OR it was a mistake and he should still be captain and still play for England. You can’t have it both ways.

Then Capello was correct with what he said. He didn’t agree with the FA but after said he would accept what they decided to do. He was just being honest which is what we all wanted him to be but the FA didn’t like it and told him off like a naughty school boy thus making him walk out.

The whole situation has been arsed up from the start. Terry should have admitted to what he said and moved on with the ban. The FA should have kept their nose out and Capello should be free to pick what captain he wants based on what he knows is best for the team from who’s available at the time to take to the pitch.


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