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Arsenal 2 – 1 Newcastle, 5 minutes of imaginary time gets arsenal the win

I’m back. I’ve been away for a while so havent been able to update my blog.

I caught the Arsenal v Newcastle match and was resided to a match which had 1-1 wrote all over it. I’m not writing a blog about the match itself as there are millions of fair (lol) news articles out there talking about the match. However I want to talk about the imaginary 5 minutes of injury time after the match which at best should have only been 1 minute of grace time.

This is a BIG TEAM home phenomenon that has destroyed the Premiership since its beginning. Usually the main perpetrators are Man Utd who have literally won Premiership crowns based on the amount of extra time that has been applied and the then amount of times they have won games based on it. Usually if these BIG TEAMS are in a winning position anyway the game is simply ended yet I have lost count just how many times when either Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and even now Man City have either been losing a game or drawing it for there then to be a mysterious 5 minutes or more injury time played or until they get a goal played, its crazy.!

Now I’m not saying is specifically certain Ref’s doing this. I think it’s an unconscious mind thing with Ref’s to delay the full-time whistle due to pressure from the fans and players and managers of these said teams and for some reason the Ref listens to them. It’s like peer pressure because Ref’s don’t want to get on the wrong side of the higher teams managers and players as the consequences can be extreme.

A Ref has one or two poor games and if a top manager complains they end up getting demoted to Championship refereeing for a while it’s just shocking to say the least.

Now I’m not defending Ref’s, far from it. More the fact that it does go on and FANS seem oblivious to the fact.

Ask ANY Arsenal fans after the 2-1 win against Newcastle and they will say there was nothing wrong with the extra 5 minutes despite the fact that there was no stoppage in the second half or any goals or any injuries etc. The most any Ref watching the match could see would be 1 minute extra at most 2, but never in a million years was there 5 minutes of injury time.

But this was Arsenal at home.


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