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iPhone 4s – Battery issues or is it the new software?

Ok, I’ve been a massive fan of Apple products I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve purchased every incarnation of the iPhone to date on rolling contracts with O2.

But why is it the new iPhone 4s seems to have literally half the battery life over the last iPhone 4.

  • Is it the phone itself?
  • Or is it the new software on the phone which is draining the battery?

I’m not sure but all I know is I’m having to do a full charge each night before I go to bed and by morning without using it, the battery is half gone.

At best i’m getting a days use out of the battery after a full charge and compared to the iPhone 4 I was getting at least 2 days use before charging and with the iPhone 3g I was getting 3 days use.

I’ve tried making sure all app updates etc are switched off and wi-fi and bluetooth etc but still its battery usage is terrible.

For me I really don’t think its the hardware itself so the only outcome must be the ever-increasing apps and software OS on the phone which is demanding more and more power just to tick over.

anyone else having these issues ? or is it just me

I love the phone. I just hate having to charge it every day.


To further update I did a double click of the home button to show all the cached apps and removed them. I also went int omy settings and turned off all the Notifications off for most of the apps which seems to have made the battery life last a lot better.

Moral of the story. – do a phone cleanup



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