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The 76th Masters at Augusta. – Golf at its best

The 76th Masters

The 76th Masters

Nicklaus, Palmer and Player split the fairway to get the drama started.

I love the start of the golf season and the Masters is the best way to get it started.

This year it’s so hard to judge with the initial weather making it difficult to see how players are going to start on the first day.

Who will manage to get 4 days of consistent performance is a big question after last season and Rory’s epic collapse after a 4 shot lead into the final round.

I can’t wait for it to start and I’ve planned my whole bank holiday weekend around it.

For me this year it’s all about Tiger Woods. He’s really hit some good form recently and in past years he didn’t seem able to get 4 rounds in at a high level. Yet still finishing consistently in the top 10 is a measure of actually how good he is.

coming off the back of a good win and his putting is getting back to his best I just think if anyone this year does better than Tiger then you are looking at the winner.

Outside chance I’d give a mention to Hunter Mahan. He season has been tight and he always seems to get a good run at the Masters in the past so he’s my outside bet for a top 5 finish.

Get in the hole!

Get your fist pumping as you see Tiger dropping his putts and enjoy the 76th Masters from Augusta National.

You heard it here first.


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One thought on “The 76th Masters at Augusta. – Golf at its best

  1. I guess I got that prediction wrong then….. a tad dissapointed with the masters this year….. Pleased for Bubba and his first Major win but overall it didnt have the SPARK of past Masters comps

    Posted by jobloggsexplains | April 13, 2012, 4:41 PM

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