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Online Acceptance Addiction (OAA), Depression and Social Networking

As an avid Internet user both through my job and social life we live in an ever-increasing technological world where addictions to social media and social networking can have catastrophic consequences.

I myself feel that I’m strong enough to cope with the increased pressure for on-line acceptance and understanding that the world throws at us but many are not this fortunate.

I’ve read at a weekly rate of young and old people taking their own lives or being taken to have counselling because of their interaction or perceived lack of on-line acceptance and assurance.

To sum this may not make sense and I can completely understand why people may quaff or snigger at my thoughts here but I’m only expressing my thoughts on the subject to what I understand them to be.

I myself a victim to it. ( YES VICTIM). it’s a harsh word to use but in this fast paced world we live in, my own thirst for online acceptance drove me to start my own blog for example.

For years I’ve commented on others thought’s feelings articles, reviews, etc to try to connect and to evoke whether its acceptance for my own views or just to temporarily text meet online similarly minded people.

It’s a drug to the N’th degree. It’s so highly addictive that without getting your daily HIT of Facebook , Twitter, or whatever the media is these days you can end up feeling blue and downright horrible if nobody responds to your tweet or comments on your post about what you should have for tea tonight.

It’s crazy I know but I find myself doing the exact thing. I’ll post a message on a site and then proceed to waste my life checking and re checking to see if someone has replied to it.

If they have then you get a buzz of acceptance and endorphins flow through you and you want more. The problem comes when this turns the other way and your endless posts either get no reply at all or the only response you do get is a negative one.

This can cause your entire evening / day / week or even month to make you feel like crap. Or worse to some who arent as stable or who suffer from depression it may lead to horrible outcomes.

I don’t know what I want from this blog post or whether anyone will read it. I just feel a little better writing it down and if you do read this and you are having any bad thoughts or even worse.. Please vent your thoughts and feelings below . God knows I check back from time to time and its nice to chat.

I call it Online Acceptance Addiction (OAA) the need to be heard and to connect with others to give brief satisfaction.


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