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Toilet Stats – Using cubicles and interesting human facts

Hardly the Monday morning topic to start the week I grant you that however I find its interesting to know all the same.

Take this scenario:

You walk into a public / office toilet and there are 3 cubicles available to use. For argument sake call them A, B and C.

They are all joined in a row so A is in the corner next to B. B is in the middle next to A and C, and C is subsequently on the other side of B.

Given that all are not in use and are available to use, which cubicle would you go to.?

Statistically its easy as you having a 33.34% probability of using each one. But Human nature shows apparently that in 80% of cases the person would pick an end cubicle and not the middle one. How come I hear you ask as statistically it should be around 66-67%. Who knows but I tried this out as an experiment as asked 20 people (granted not a massive amount but it was just to test the theory that I had read) based on the idea above which one would they pick and I actually found that 18 out of the 20 people asked would pick either A or C cubicle and subsequently only 2 said they would pick B. Weird eh!

For some psychological reason Human nature / nurture drives us to pick a cubicle either in the corner of a room or the one which has the least chance of having people sit next to you if someone else came in to use the toilet.

This got me thinking and I asked the same 20 people IF you went into the toilet and cubicle A was already in use , which one would you pick to use yourself and funny but 19 of the 20 said cubicle C.  Only 1 said cubicle B and it was one of the same people who had picked B at the first question.

After asking why each person said the same thing which was that given the choice they didn’t want to sit in a cubicle right next to someone else using another cubicle. I don’t know the psychology behind it myself not being into it or doing extensive studies into it but I still found it interesting.

Which then got me thinking about hygiene and the likes.!

IF a public toilet was used by 1000 random people in a day based on the ABC set out above. roughly 800-900 people would use either cubicle A or C.

Also if one of the 2 end cubicles A / C was already in use there is even more chance that the other end cubicle would be picked and not the center one.

So ask yourself this: Next time you go to a toilet, do you want to use a cubicle that 8-9 hundred people have used before you that day or do you pick the middle one which only 1-2 hundred had used.?


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2 thoughts on “Toilet Stats – Using cubicles and interesting human facts

  1. I’m a bit weird, I examine the cubicles first for a) What the toilet roll situation is like i.e. If there is any or if it hasn’t got anything on it and b) If the toilet seat has any mis-directed urine on it/ somebody hasn’t flushed their dumping. But I got to admit, before carrying on reading your article I made myself pick either A,B, or C, I chose C.

    Posted by cakand101 | April 16, 2012, 5:27 PM
    • It’s a funny thing to talk about isnt it. But like you I was the same. Without really thinking about it and giving the cubicle a quick once over like you ( making sure there is enough roll and its clean enough etc) I pretty much always pick an end cubicle. After thinking about it now though i’m more likely to check the middle one first 🙂

      Posted by jobloggsexplains | April 17, 2012, 1:40 PM

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