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A Good Night ? – Actually far from it, certain phrases that just doesnt makes sense but people use anyway.

I was checking up on a Facebook post from my friends this morning and it got me thinking.

It was a photo of someone looking rather disheveled the morning after they must have been out for a skin full the night before.

And the comments were “Good night last night?”

and all involved said “Yes” and “Great Night” ..

Stupid thing is this couldn’t be further from reality. When people say this after looking at photos which show them in the worst possible way I can only cringe.

I don’t understand where the phrase comes from because essentially the person has drank so much alcohol that they make fools of themselves. Destroy masses of brain cells. Sit in environments where people are smoking if not smoking their heads off all night themselves anyway. Drink to the point when you can’t remember how you got home or who you ended up shagging that night with the task of kicking them out of bed in the morning and the whole “Shame Walk” the next day. Then there is the fact that because you can’t remember who you shagged did you or didn’t you use protection so you life and future lives are at risk potentially.

Then there is the extortionate cost to going out nowadays. In this current climate I really don’t know how people can spend a weeks wage or more in one weekend and get NOTHING out of it other than a hangover.

Then there is the hangover where for at least half a day after you can’t function to any level at all.. sometimes longer sometimes some people are so used to it the hangover doesn’t last long but still.

Then the checking to see if you need to clean up any puke or worse on the floor.

Nothing about that is enjoyable if you think about it.

My idea of a good night is looking after my son , having quality time playing with him, bathing him and reading books etc. Watching some cartoons and generally having a great time with him in the most important years of his and my life.

Having a lovely meal at home with my wife before settling down for the night after my son has gone to bed knowing he’s safe.

Having a cuddle on the sofa before going to bed and making love. Waking up in the morning without a hangover or any puke on the floor in the same bed as my wife and having the fantastic thought that the huge sums of money I have saved is still in the bank and is either going to pay another chunk of my mortgage off, pay for a great family holiday or going towards my sons college fund to give him a better life.

Oh yeah and not looking like crap the next day and being able to function after…

THAT is a “Good Night”


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