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Harmless opinions are now ‘Trolling’ apparently

Long gone are the days where you can actually comment on blogs, web articles and on forums and offer an alternative view of a said subject.

The New Anti-Troll

Internet Troll

It’s a sad state we now live in that comments and opinions can be tailored to the ANTI-TROLL to fuel their fire.

I’ve named them “Anti-Troll” who are now the Troll in secret and getting away with it.

We all know of the many examples and some may have been done to you at some point. You read a blog or forum post and someone then comments in a derogatory or argumentative way purely to cite an online argument or riot of some sort , or just to plainly piss people off. Now while I don’t agree to these people and their tactics there is now a far more sinister Troll out there on the Internet as we speak.

The “Anti-Troll”. Now at first glance you may say – ” What!. an Anti-Troll.. I don’t get it.!

I can understand your view there but let me explain. For years I’ve offered what I call “Alternative Views” or just casual opinions on topics that arise online whether they are debatable or not.

My view is simply that and in no way shape or form meant to be hurtful or cause any issues. However it’s almost impossible now to comment on things without others then instantly claiming you’re the classic Troll. Just because your view or opinion differs from theirs in some way your automatically labeled as such and then have to endure the barrage of “Anti-Trolls” and their basic abuse that follows which is usually no connection to what you are going on about.

I know what you may now say “Just switch off” or “Leave the site” but why should I.?

I’ve put effort into discussing something and have joined in with the comments so why should I now back down and just let them bully and intimidate me in this way.?

But it’s hard because you don’t want to lower yourself to their level or even become the Troll they are accusing you of being.

Anti-Trolls are everywhere now people .. be careful. They are the NEW Troll on the block or NTOTB… lol



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