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Is Real Madrid really willing to sell Christiano Ronaldo?

According to this post on goal.com Real Madrid are willing to sell Ronaldo for a tidy $200m Euros which is approx £160m UK pounds, if they cannot resolve their issues.

A few things spring to mind with this statement.

1) Well DURRR… of course they will be willing to sell anyone for $200m Euros. That’s an insane amount to claim the player is worth baring in mind his transfer from Man Utd to Real was extortionate at the time and that in comparison is a measly $87m Euros or around £70m pounds at the time.

2) What club would EVER be able to not only afford that price but the subsequent crazy sign on fees and agents fees as well as the players demands after that. Not to mention what club even if they did have the cash would sanction a move seen as that could literally purchase several whole squads at £5m – £10m each player.

You can see the managers discussion with the board now.

Director – well we have around $200m euros to spend on new players this season mr manager, how many squads of players do you think you’ll be bringing in.?

Manager – 1 boss,

Director – 1 whole squad of players?

Manager – No just 1 player, apparently Ronaldo is for sale!

Director – **GULP**……………………………….Get your coat!

I’m sorry but joking aside .. Christiano Ronaldo is a wonderful player… I’d love to see him grace the Premiership again but no way on Earth was he worth the £70m he left Man Utd for never mind the crazy price Real want back for him.

Only time will tell but for me Real are simply indicating to the world after the whole ‘Spat the dummy out’ episode he has had recently over the impending tax rises and saying that YEAH we will sell but this is how we will put you off with the figure involved and there is no way we’d really sell him anyway.

So fingers crossed he stays at Real.

So what do you think?, Will he stay at Real and get nothing?

Will he get the pay rise he is after?

or will Man City or Man Utd make the footballing world a laughing stock and pay the mahoosive fee for him?



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2 thoughts on “Is Real Madrid really willing to sell Christiano Ronaldo?

  1. Mourinho has just got Real where they need to be, so I hope they keep the team like it is for a while! Modric is a great signing!

    Posted by jumpingpolarbear | September 13, 2012, 3:43 PM

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