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Twitter: tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.


Shakespeare analogies aside, the question whether to have a Twitter account or not has become a hot topic amongst the socially elite amongst us, namely the rich and famous.


With sports personalities, tv presenters, radio DJ’s, actors and other celebrities being a constant source of fun and laughter, there can also be a darker side to the fame game.


From both angles, being more accessible is a double-edged sword. It can both connect you to the public and serve as a useful tool when needing to get an important message across but it can also destroy careers by making silly off the cuff remarks and also provide ammunition for anyone wanting to knock you off your perch.


From celebrity stalkers to jobsworth reporters, the issue now is whether the pros outweigh the potential cons.


One way certain celebs are getting around this is by having their PR or assistants  doing all the tweeting for them. This is a good thing as it serves are a logic buffer between what the celeb says and what the PR team actually print. It also gives the celeb a get out clause if something is said and they can then blame their PR agent.

If you were a celeb, would you use Twitter, have someone use Twitter on your behalf or would you refrain from all things socially networking.?








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