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Life after the ‘Likes’ ? The positives from leaving Social Networks.

After being a medium/heavy sheep user of Social Networking  for many years now and working in the industry to some extent I finally took the plunge a fortnight ago and closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts down for good.

I’m not an anti Social Networking preacher or have any fervor to be so, but the stark realisation dawned on me while visiting the toilet. Most good ideas come from moments of clarity while depositing the toxins from ones body in the past so I decided to listen to my inside demon again.

Without warning I shut down my Facebook and Twitter accounts plunging my 200+ friends/ family / work colleagues / past school chums and many more into the dark abyss. To my surprise my partner decided to do the same and took heed to my new-found lightbulb moment.

You may ask WHY?

Well it just simply comes down to being ‘Tired’. Tired of listening to people’s opinions who I once knew but who wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire in reality describe what they had for lunch or not. What lover they now have. What past lover they are now disgracing and berating to everyone else. What pointless ‘like’ someone has for something which is so fake it’s actually annoying purely to get votes.

I had just had enough.

Whats worse is I found myself being one of these people. I would if I’m honest be on one or the other site via my phone or laptop / desktop at some point in the day to an alarming amount of spent time describing my day. Commenting on whatever tv program I like or dislike, and ‘liking’ those stupid pictures that people send around and this isn’t taking into account the endless games you can play and pester your linked victims to join you in.

Here comes the good bit though.

For two weeks now my partner and I have not only actually enjoyed meals together without sliding out our phones to take a pic of the meal and rate it out of 10 and sharing it with our connections, but actually found we are talking more to each other! Good Eh!

Even better than that, together we’ve been if I’m quite honest and not getting too gushy over it but we’ve been enjoying our ADULT time together with far more exuberance and erm appreciation of each other if you catch my drift. To everyone who doesn’t understand what I mean. ( Our sex life is much better now).

Even more reason is the fact that neither of us has actually missed reading what others are talking about. Granted this is still early days and this could well be our honeymoon period from the release of these Social Demons but the facts remain. We are happier without them and together we are actually better in our relationship because of it.

If I was to give advice I’d imagine its much like going cold turkey, but without any negatives. It gave me so much more focus on what actually matters in my life and extra time spent with my partner and son must be a good thing.

I leave you with that thought and urge you to give it a go.


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