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Stoke vs Newcastle Prediction 28th Nov 2012

I’m usually shocking at predictions so because I’m sick to death of the appalling football my beloved Newcastle are playing at the moment I thought I’d do a prediction in the hope that my terrible views and then wrong and you never know may catch me out and reverse the outcome.

If that makes sense?

Anyway, tonight will see a Newcastle reserve/youth team (due to 11 first team players being out injured) travel to Stoke and from start to finish get bullied, battered n bruised all match due to the average height of our team being around 5ft8 and Stoke’s being closer to 6ft5 average. Then our average player weight being around 10 stone wet through vs Stoke’s 16 stone monsters.

Needless to say because of the massive physical difference now in teams I just can’t see Newcastle dominating in any way tonight. Despite doing this in the same match last season and doing it well, I just can’t see anything like that happening this year.

Prediction 2-0 Stoke.

Oh and another 2 players injured at least to make it 13 out for the next game.


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One thought on “Stoke vs Newcastle Prediction 28th Nov 2012

  1. pretty much spot on…. another crap display and 2-1 to stoke…..

    Posted by jobloggsexplains | November 28, 2012, 9:46 PM

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