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Blog 365: Mission or Misery?

It’s fast approaching the end of the year and with new years resolutions beginning to be thought about in some people’s minds it got me to thinking.!

I’ve seen it before with photography blogs etc but starting this January 1st I’m very tempted to try a “Blog 365”.

The idea is very simple: You must write at least 1 blog entry each day for a whole calender year.

Granted some days may be really hard due to unforseen potential mishaps and general life things getting in the way but for most days it shouldnt be a problem.

The main issue is thinking of what to write in these daily entries without it being more of a daily diary.

So my question is this:

Has anyone done this before, would anyone like to try it with me and will it become simply a mission to fire off a daily blog or a misery in thinking what to write.?


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2 thoughts on “Blog 365: Mission or Misery?

  1. Always some days you will be busy or tired, so other times when you are doing good, try saving up 2-3 for later use ;).

    Posted by jumpingpolarbear | November 29, 2012, 3:12 PM

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