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Back to work, and Newcastle. (Blog 365: day 7.)

Shocking to say but I actually like work. I guess I’m quite lucky to have a job I really love. actually scrap that, I know just how lucky I am I just hope the job lasts as long as my love for it does.

Anyway, back to work and a measly 236 emails to work through today after 3 weeks off, not too bad. Managed to ge through them all by lunch time so that’s not bad. I have to admit though that about 100 of them were just crap spam office junk so I cut it down to close to half within 5 minutes.

Things seem to be quickening up at Newcastle but I fear most of it if not all of it is just paper talk but I truly hope we do start to sign some more decent players and soon because we need them for next week never mind by the end of the month. The injury toll has been quite severe to us this year. No excuses but any team with their best 3-4 players out plus several others will have a negative effect. Compound that with our lack of confidence and general feeling sorry for ourselves is just making it worse.


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