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Banghard and FM2013. (Blog 365: day 8.)

I’ve been watching celeb big bro on tv recently and still have a chuckle to myself when I see Lacey’s surname. Arguably the best surname and most apt in history. Lacey Banghard. Clearly what every red-blooded male in the country is thinking as they watch the beauty on tele. No qualms about it she is really good-looking and has the best set of knockers I’ve seen in ages. Apparently now she is thinking of using her name to launch a range of Banghard condoms once she’s out of the big bro house. Good luck to her, I say.

Been playing a bit of Footy Manager 2013 over the last few nights as well. Love this game!. I’ve been playing incarnations of it for best part of my life. Sad I know but I just can’t help it. Pretty much since about 1991 and the games on Amiga through to the early pc 93/94 versions and FM Italia. Still keep going back for more each season.


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