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Feeling sorry for Lance Armstrong after he admits cheating? (Blog 365: day 17.)

Following on from the revelations that Lance Armstrong has admitted on the Oprah show to cheating finally. What now for the damaged celebrity?

In some strange way I do feel for the guy. Not in a validation of the act in cheating but more the fact that he may have still won or done well even if he hadn’t cheated in the first place. It wasnt as though he was useless before the drugs.

I can only imagine that when athletes get to the top of their game that the difference between first and last are very slim indeed. After battling cancer and coming through strong he had a public platform to build on and I can see how in a way he wanted to give the public what they wanted. Which was a man who came through the odds and went on to victory. The part I don’t feel sorry for him is the length he took it too. If Lance had stopped at 1 TDF win or even maybe to the point of defending the title and winning twice , then carry on clean without drugs and see what happens. He may have gotten away with it or he actually may have went on and won legitimately you never know. The experience of winning breeds a winning mentality in not only the winner but the other competitors knowing they are up against a true great.

Problem was he took it too far and the knowledge that he could get away with it lead him then to go to the extreme of winning the TDF 7 times. He wanted to give the public a hero, and in that effort he’s ended up giving them an embarrassing life that people will now feel ashamed of and he will never truly recover from.

Do you feel sorry for Lance? or do you feel sorry for the situation he was led into which drove him to do what he did.?

I personally can sympathise without fully knowing the complete truth the pressure the celeb world put on his shoulders. In my mind he wanted to give them what they wanted at any cost including his own which has ended up backfiring on him.

Judge as you will I’m sure there are many angles people will view this from but for me it’s pity. Because you never know he may have won without the drugs and that’s a shame the world has lost that moment.


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One thought on “Feeling sorry for Lance Armstrong after he admits cheating? (Blog 365: day 17.)

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