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Forum trolls and cyber bullies. (Blog 365: day 18.)

Having pretty much grown up through my teens during the birth of the Internet and games consoles etc it really saddens me at the state of the online world we have around games forums and the youth of today with how it gets used.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but ‘in my day’ the early days of the internet, online forums were used really well. You had honest informative and none threatening sites. Information could be shared and commented on to your heart’s content without ending up in arguments or fights.

Over the years the Internet has grown to a vast entity and a good thing to. However out of this shadow has grown the NEW bread of Internet youth users who have turned their age-old pastime of hanging about in gangs and group on the corner of their street to now hanging about in groups and gangs in the darkest corners of the Internet.

You literally can’t go onto a decent forum these days without comments turning into slagging matches and differing opinions then get worse as they enlist their bully group to pounce.

I like the good old days when IF this occurred outside and you were actually face to face with the bullies you can give them a good kicking and they soon learn and stop what they are doing.

These days however they are completely protected. The electrical ether that is the web provides a harsh division in the world that rarely anyone gets to cross. You always hear of the odd one or two news paper articles of people online hunting each other down but generally 99.9999% of all online arguments end in just one person being the bigger one and leaving the conversation.

My worry though is that this ability to HIDE is an attractive and seducing prospect. In an ever vocalised world we live in, long gone are the flexing of biceps but to be replaced with the flexing of tapping fingertips on keyboards and keypads. The world of bullying has grown in my mind to a far greater threat that it ever was in the playgrounds of the world.

What we do about it I havent got a clue, but the sad truth is that we have created this monster and it has been let out the cage.


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