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What Now, for Newcastle Utd? (Blog 365: day 21.)

I had to take a step back for a couple of days before talking about the recent Newcastle Result at home against Reading.

Mainly because the blog post would probably be unreadable due to the vast number of expletives and my emotions were not really working as well as they should.!

Where to start?

Ok so good points are that for 60 minutes we pretty much dominated to the point where Reading didn’t have a single chance at all for the first 60 minutes and didn’t test Krul. The return of Yohan Cabaye is a needed one and he showed his class including the goal he scored but more for the all round play that we have missed recently. Debuchy looks like he could be a good signing but it’s hard to say so soon as the weather is terrible, he’s only played 2 games so far and the team in general is poor so it’s hard to judge as of yet.

Bad points.

The two goals by Reading is a start. A chanced cross that a completely useless Williamson had covered well which is the hard part to get into position only for him to then slide past the balls and miskick the clearance where absolutely ANYTHING on the ball would have cleared it but NO it then goes past him and get bundled face first on the ground by the lucky Le Fondre.

Then minutes later with bodies behind the ball, the chicken shit defence instead of closing down the shot turn their backs to it and a fluffed shot spins out of control and ends up at the feet of Le Fondre again for him to somehow curl it low around the bodies of Williamson and Colo and into the bottom corner.

Then there is the one-off superman saves from the Reading Keeper when most weeks he has a nightmare, this week manages to pull off 4 or 5 top game saving saves early on which would have put us out of sight but knowing us we made him look like a star today.

A game that we have never lost at home to a dire Reading side EVER somehow ends up them winning their first away game of the season and the first time EVER against us.

I’m just gobsmacked!


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