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RE: to ’10 things I wish weren’t replaced by modern technology’

Having read a recent “Freshly Pressed” blog nostalgically pointing out the good old days pre technological advancement by Michelle Guo read here. I had to respond but thought a reply to the blog wasnt going to get my full thoughts out there on the subject. It’s always interesting when people look with rose-tinted glass at … Continue reading

Newcastle Utd to join French Ligue 1 next season! (Blog 365: day 24. )

In a shock move Newcastle United have announced that as of the start of next season they will be playing in the French Ligue1. This will explain the fact that they now have an entire squad of french players at the club and more to follow in the next few days. People have been wondering … Continue reading

Good helps Bradford City into the final. (Blog 365: day 23.)

Really pleased for Bradford City and for Curtis Good, the Newcastle youth prospect recently signed from Austrailian football. His loan spell to Bradford looks like its both helping them and supsequently him and potentially us in the future. Granted he’s had hit n miss performances from what i’ve heard but he did play twice as … Continue reading

What Now, for Newcastle Utd? (Blog 365: day 21.)

I had to take a step back for a couple of days before talking about the recent Newcastle Result at home against Reading. Mainly because the blog post would probably be unreadable due to the vast number of expletives and my emotions were not really working as well as they should.! Where to start? Ok … Continue reading

Rylan to Win Celeb Big Bro, ‘Drop me out!’ (Blog 365: day 20.)

I have to admit I do like to watch poor tv shows. I don’t know why I do but pretty much the more dire and pointless the better. Hence watching Celeb Big Bro. This year my money is on Rylan to win. Not because of any like for him just more the fact that the … Continue reading

Forum trolls and cyber bullies. (Blog 365: day 18.)

Having pretty much grown up through my teens during the birth of the Internet and games consoles etc it really saddens me at the state of the online world we have around games forums and the youth of today with how it gets used. I can’t believe I’m saying this but ‘in my day’ the … Continue reading

Feeling sorry for Lance Armstrong after he admits cheating? (Blog 365: day 17.)

Following on from the revelations that Lance Armstrong has admitted on the Oprah show to cheating finally. What now for the damaged celebrity? In some strange way I do feel for the guy. Not in a validation of the act in cheating but more the fact that he may have still won or done well … Continue reading

Kompany and Tackling. (Blog 365: day 14.)

After the weekends games I just had to comment on the most talked about event of the weekend. Which is the Vincent Kompany tackle or challenge depending on the way you look at it. I have to admit first hand I’ve always been a proponent of good tackling. EG as long as the player is … Continue reading

Meetings and Money. (Blog 365: day 10.)

It’s Thursday! Thursdays mean meetings and presentations at work. I sometimes wonder just how many wasted work hours are used up in meetings. My favourites are the meetings to plan the future meetings. Do you have any favourites? These are the days I wish I had a manual labour type job. But then I remember … Continue reading

Diet Soda and Depression? (Blog 365: day 9.)

Reading an article today about diet soda and the correlation with depression if you drink too many. I can be read here : http://www.thestar.com/living/article/1312366–diet-soda-linked-to-depression-finds-study The U.S. National Institutes of Health has found that drinking more than four sweetened beverages a day is not good for you. I can’t help but think “NO SHIT SHERLOCK”. Apart … Continue reading