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RE: to ’10 things I wish weren’t replaced by modern technology’

Having read a recent “Freshly Pressed” blog nostalgically pointing out the good old days pre technological advancement by Michelle Guo read here. I had to respond but thought a reply to the blog wasnt going to get my full thoughts out there on the subject. It’s always interesting when people look with rose-tinted glass at … Continue reading

Forum trolls and cyber bullies. (Blog 365: day 18.)

Having pretty much grown up through my teens during the birth of the Internet and games consoles etc it really saddens me at the state of the online world we have around games forums and the youth of today with how it gets used. I can’t believe I’m saying this but ‘in my day’ the … Continue reading

Meetings and Money. (Blog 365: day 10.)

It’s Thursday! Thursdays mean meetings and presentations at work. I sometimes wonder just how many wasted work hours are used up in meetings. My favourites are the meetings to plan the future meetings. Do you have any favourites? These are the days I wish I had a manual labour type job. But then I remember … Continue reading

Diet Soda and Depression? (Blog 365: day 9.)

Reading an article today about diet soda and the correlation with depression if you drink too many. I can be read here : http://www.thestar.com/living/article/1312366–diet-soda-linked-to-depression-finds-study The U.S. National Institutes of Health has found that drinking more than four sweetened beverages a day is not good for you. I can’t help but think “NO SHIT SHERLOCK”. Apart … Continue reading

Banghard and FM2013. (Blog 365: day 8.)

I’ve been watching celeb big bro on tv recently and still have a chuckle to myself when I see Lacey’s surname. Arguably the best surname and most apt in history. Lacey Banghard. Clearly what every red-blooded male in the country is thinking as they watch the beauty on tele. No qualms about it she is … Continue reading

Back to work, and Newcastle. (Blog 365: day 7.)

Shocking to say but I actually like work. I guess I’m quite lucky to have a job I really love. actually scrap that, I know just how lucky I am I just hope the job lasts as long as my love for it does. Anyway, back to work and a measly 236 emails to work … Continue reading

Bissell and back to work. (Blog 365: day 6.)

Bought a Bissell carpet washing cleaner today. Really cool. Argos have a sale on until the 18th or something like that on all products like this. Been wanting to get one for a while now and to be honest sad as it sounds was looking forward to using it. Decided to test it out at … Continue reading

Footy, simple really. (Blog 365: day 5.)

Newcastle are going to have to get their finger out if they are going to try to get anything out of this season. After a below par away cup performance against Brighton where we lost 2-0 again for the second season running , and yes we had a weakened team out but it still should … Continue reading

Depression and Debuchy. (Blog 365: day 4.)

Start with a positive. Really pleased Newcastle have finally signed Debuchy. Hopefully this will help with the back line. Fingers crossed this is the start of a good change and hopefully more players brought in soon. Personally today however I’ve been proper depressed. Haven’t a clue why. Just one of those days where I just … Continue reading

Hair cuts and happy days. (Blog 365: day 3.)

Decided to go to a garden centre this morning with the family. I love the smell of burning Xmas trees and garden centers this time of year. I’ve always been a perineal type of herbaceous guy. No flowers or any of that fancy crap I like a good bush or evergreen. Had a pot of … Continue reading