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RE: to ’10 things I wish weren’t replaced by modern technology’

Having read a recent “Freshly Pressed” blog nostalgically pointing out the good old days pre technological advancement by Michelle Guo read here. I had to respond but thought a reply to the blog wasnt going to get my full thoughts out there on the subject. It’s always interesting when people look with rose-tinted glass at … Continue reading

Bissell and back to work. (Blog 365: day 6.)

Bought a Bissell carpet washing cleaner today. Really cool. Argos have a sale on until the 18th or something like that on all products like this. Been wanting to get one for a while now and to be honest sad as it sounds was looking forward to using it. Decided to test it out at … Continue reading

Hair cuts and happy days. (Blog 365: day 3.)

Decided to go to a garden centre this morning with the family. I love the smell of burning Xmas trees and garden centers this time of year. I’ve always been a perineal type of herbaceous guy. No flowers or any of that fancy crap I like a good bush or evergreen. Had a pot of … Continue reading

Blogs footballs and life. (Blog 365 starts: day 1.)

Well here goes . I said I would try to do at least 1 blog entry per day and try a blog 365 this year. New year: it wouldn’t be Jan 1st without talking about last night . I don’t know about anyone else but I didn’t bother with anything fancy . Mainly because I’ve … Continue reading

Blog 365: Mission or Misery?

It’s fast approaching the end of the year and with new years resolutions beginning to be thought about in some people’s minds it got me to thinking.! I’ve seen it before with photography blogs etc but starting this January 1st I’m very tempted to try a “Blog 365”. The idea is very simple: You must … Continue reading

Life after the ‘Likes’ ? The positives from leaving Social Networks.

After being a medium/heavy sheep user of Social Networking  for many years now and working in the industry to some extent I finally took the plunge a fortnight ago and closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts down for good. I’m not an anti Social Networking preacher or have any fervor to be so, but the stark … Continue reading

The Flawed Logic Behind Estimates Of File Sharing’s Economic Impact – and the piracy-X factor

I’ve just read a fantastic blog by Brian Proffitt with the above titled topic. Here is the direct link to his post: The Flawed Logic Behind Estimates Of File Sharing’s Economic Impact  But I will quote the content here then add my addition to the subject. Even as antipiracy forces step up their war on … Continue reading

MENSA and IQ tests

Out of curiosity I remembered when I was about 18 years old I did a few different IQ related tests and one being the home IQ test from Mensa. Being many years ago I remember the result coming back at around 144 or 146 and came with an invite to join if I had the … Continue reading

Harmless opinions are now ‘Trolling’ apparently

Long gone are the days where you can actually comment on blogs, web articles and on forums and offer an alternative view of a said subject. It’s a sad state we now live in that comments and opinions can be tailored to the ANTI-TROLL to fuel their fire. I’ve named them “Anti-Troll” who are now … Continue reading

What now for Newcastle United FC 2012-13 season?

(image take from NUFC.co.uk all rights etc are theirs) Ok so what now for Newcastle United FC? After a fantastic 2011-12 season which many thought would be a difficult year for the club after several stars left in the summer. Many thought even with the new signings they would end up mid table at best. … Continue reading