Celeb Big Bro

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Rylan to Win Celeb Big Bro, ‘Drop me out!’ (Blog 365: day 20.)

I have to admit I do like to watch poor tv shows. I don’t know why I do but pretty much the more dire and pointless the better. Hence watching Celeb Big Bro. This year my money is on Rylan to win. Not because of any like for him just more the fact that the … Continue reading

Banghard and FM2013. (Blog 365: day 8.)

I’ve been watching celeb big bro on tv recently and still have a chuckle to myself when I see Lacey’s surname. Arguably the best surname and most apt in history. Lacey Banghard. Clearly what every red-blooded male in the country is thinking as they watch the beauty on tele. No qualms about it she is … Continue reading