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Diet Soda and Depression? (Blog 365: day 9.)

Reading an article today about diet soda and the correlation with depression if you drink too many. I can be read here : http://www.thestar.com/living/article/1312366–diet-soda-linked-to-depression-finds-study The U.S. National Institutes of Health has found that drinking more than four sweetened beverages a day is not good for you. I can’t help but think “NO SHIT SHERLOCK”. Apart … Continue reading

Depression and Debuchy. (Blog 365: day 4.)

Start with a positive. Really pleased Newcastle have finally signed Debuchy. Hopefully this will help with the back line. Fingers crossed this is the start of a good change and hopefully more players brought in soon. Personally today however I’ve been proper depressed. Haven’t a clue why. Just one of those days where I just … Continue reading

Online Acceptance Addiction (OAA), Depression and Social Networking

As an avid Internet user both through my job and social life we live in an ever-increasing technological world where addictions to social media and social networking can have catastrophic consequences. I myself feel that I’m strong enough to cope with the increased pressure for on-line acceptance and understanding that the world throws at us … Continue reading