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What Now, for Newcastle Utd? (Blog 365: day 21.)

I had to take a step back for a couple of days before talking about the recent Newcastle Result at home against Reading. Mainly because the blog post would probably be unreadable due to the vast number of expletives and my emotions were not really working as well as they should.! Where to start? Ok … Continue reading

Kompany and Tackling. (Blog 365: day 14.)

After the weekends games I just had to comment on the most talked about event of the weekend. Which is the Vincent Kompany tackle or challenge depending on the way you look at it. I have to admit first hand I’ve always been a proponent of good tackling. EG as long as the player is … Continue reading

Back to work, and Newcastle. (Blog 365: day 7.)

Shocking to say but I actually like work. I guess I’m quite lucky to have a job I really love. actually scrap that, I know just how lucky I am I just hope the job lasts as long as my love for it does. Anyway, back to work and a measly 236 emails to work … Continue reading

Blogs footballs and life. (Blog 365 starts: day 1.)

Well here goes . I said I would try to do at least 1 blog entry per day and try a blog 365 this year. New year: it wouldn’t be Jan 1st without talking about last night . I don’t know about anyone else but I didn’t bother with anything fancy . Mainly because I’ve … Continue reading

Stoke vs Newcastle Prediction 28th Nov 2012

I’m usually shocking at predictions so because I’m sick to death of the appalling football my beloved Newcastle are playing at the moment I thought I’d do a prediction in the hope that my terrible views and then wrong and you never know may catch me out and reverse the outcome. If that makes sense? … Continue reading

Newcastle United: now in trouble?

I’ve been banging on all summer about the need for Newcastle to both finalize the deal for Mathieu Debauchy and to bring in at least 1 more decent central defender. Now with a few games into the season it’s blatantly obvious that “I told you so” is just not going to cut it. By no … Continue reading

Is Real Madrid really willing to sell Christiano Ronaldo?

According to this post on goal.com Real Madrid are willing to sell Ronaldo for a tidy $200m Euros which is approx £160m UK pounds, if they cannot resolve their issues. A few things spring to mind with this statement. 1) Well DURRR… of course they will be willing to sell anyone for $200m Euros. That’s an … Continue reading

ERm Ok! Sometimes the press are a bit slow

Reading some football headlines this morning I came across this funny article by ClubCall . So on the 22nd of August ClubCall think we are in talks with Ajax about signing Vernon Anita. Well I hate to break it to you guys but we signed him some two weeks ago now so you’re a bit too … Continue reading

The Premiership is back! and lively as ever.

    Football fans around the world have waited with anticipation of the start of the new premiership season and it hasn’t disappointed.       A great opening day saw Arsenal drawing 0-0 with a stubborn Sunderland side. Will the AVP sale pay off and will Giroud and Podolski find their premiership feet sooner … Continue reading

Cabaye to Barcelona Transfer Nonsense

A fantastic piece of news came out today from The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4422388/Yohan-Cabaye-is-a-target-for-Barcelona.html Basically saying that 8million would be able to buy Newcastle’s Yohan Cabaye. This is after a fantastic season with Newcastle which helped them get back into Europe where they belong.   What utter tripe. Yohan Cabaye is staying with Newcastle. He has a long … Continue reading