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Forum trolls and cyber bullies. (Blog 365: day 18.)

Having pretty much grown up through my teens during the birth of the Internet and games consoles etc it really saddens me at the state of the online world we have around games forums and the youth of today with how it gets used. I can’t believe I’m saying this but ‘in my day’ the … Continue reading

Life after the ‘Likes’ ? The positives from leaving Social Networks.

After being a medium/heavy sheep user of Social Networking  for many years now and working in the industry to some extent I finally took the plunge a fortnight ago and closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts down for good. I’m not an anti Social Networking preacher or have any fervor to be so, but the stark … Continue reading

The Flawed Logic Behind Estimates Of File Sharing’s Economic Impact – and the piracy-X factor

I’ve just read a fantastic blog by Brian Proffitt with the above titled topic. Here is the direct link to his post: The Flawed Logic Behind Estimates Of File Sharing’s Economic Impact  But I will quote the content here then add my addition to the subject. Even as antipiracy forces step up their war on … Continue reading

Harmless opinions are now ‘Trolling’ apparently

Long gone are the days where you can actually comment on blogs, web articles and on forums and offer an alternative view of a said subject. It’s a sad state we now live in that comments and opinions can be tailored to the ANTI-TROLL to fuel their fire. I’ve named them “Anti-Troll” who are now … Continue reading